Smart Car Rebuild - Dec. 1

Smart engine is in the basement now, engine stand is built and we're ready to start further disassembly of the block.

Today's Agenda

  • Remove oil pump and drive chain
  • Remove piston 1 (closest to timing chain)

Oil Pump

  • Release pressure on chain tensioner and slide out
  • Undo bolt holding sprocket to pump
  • Remove sprocket and chain
  • Remove 3 bolts holding oil pump to lower block

Piston 1

This was done the dumb way as there is no official documentation for the OM660 engine. The smart way is to remove the lower block first because it obstructs easy removal of the piston. (I learned for pistons 2 and 3.)

  • Two screws holding the con rod cap to the con rod (paint dot should be on one side).
    NOTE: Undo screws first with 90* turn each, then proceed with removal
  • Push piston out of top of block with some sort of rod NOTE: I managed to scratch the crank pin because of clearence issues with the lower block. Remove it first!