New Decade, New Fun

Tue 14 January 2020 | tags: 2020


Happy New Years all! What a way to wrap up the past decade. It's certainly been an exciting one full of many unplanned twists and turns. Thanks to all my friends for being awesome! I'm very priviledged to have all of these memories with you. Here's hoping the coming year brings many more fond ones.

Over the holidays, I was reading Hacker News where I came across a Christmas Tree on the front page. It's a cool little animation that really caught my eye. It's been a while since I coded up a small ornament so I decided to attempt it in C (and OpenGL). It took a few days of effort and I'm very pleased with the results. After trying to find a set of tutorials for coding in OpenGL3 it was fairly straightforward to get it working well on both my laptop and desktop at full speed.

For a laugh, I tried loading it on a Raspberry Pi (Model 1B) that I had kicking around. Without any changes, I'm only getting 2fps when it runs... I think I'll spend a bit of time working through optimizing it for a much smaller and constrained platform. It'll be nice to play around with some in-depth optimization again. I'll definitely be posting more as I optimize it!